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Donating to our work

Thank you for considering supporting the ministry of Matthias Media financially. The funds we raise from your donations are being used to develop our new library platform, and are tax deductible* in Australia. is the the major project we are pursuing and the major need for significant financial investment as the video below explains.

Quick and easy donation by credit card:
To make a quick, tax-deductible* donation by credit card, please use our secure online donation form.

Donate by bank transfer:
Account name: Gotherefor Library Fund | BSB: 082-057 | Acc number: 74-039-9483 | Reference: GTF Donation
A receipt will be sent to you for tax purposes.

Call us:
Call us on 1300-051-220 (from overseas +61-2-9233 4627) and we will also be very happy to take a donation by credit card over the phone.

Build with us

For more than a quarter of a century, Matthias Media has built a reputation for producing and distributing high quality, Bible-based content and resources to Christians and churches all over the world. Now, the rising wave of digital publishing presents us with an opportunity to take our ministry to a completely new level. Here's a short video explaining the exciting project before us, and why we need your help to build it.

How can you help?

There are three ways you could get involved, and support this exciting project:

Pray for us. There is a lot to do, and we are acutely aware of how much we are dependent on God in all our plans. Even if you were able to pause now for a couple of minutes and pray for us and for this new project, that would be wonderful.

Join the new platform. Once the new version of our platform is up and running (in early 2015), dive in, be part of it, and tell other people about it.

Give to our tax-deductible* matching fund. We're aiming to raise $200,000 over the next six months to kickstart the project—particularly to help fund the rebuilding of the site and other initial costs.

How the matching fund more than doubles your contribution

In God's kindness, we've already been able to secure $100,000 in pledges from a small number of generous donors. They are willing to match every dollar that is given towards this project—so if we can raise $100,000 from the Christian community, that will be doubled and get us to our target of $200,000. Or to put it more directly, if you were able to kick in, say, $2000, that would turn into $4000 in our bank account.

We've also been successful in achieving tax deductible status in Australia for this new digital platform, which increases the value of your contribution even more— that is, your $2000 gift might actually cost you as little as $1100 (if you were on the top marginal tax rate). But that $1100 would deliver $4000 towards our target, after your gift is matched by our existing donors. That's pretty good value! And even more so, given the potential this project has for bringing the gospel and high quality ministry resources to multitudes of Christians and churches around the world.

Making a contribution

If you're in a position to help us, please see the top of this page for details of how you can make a donation. Thank you.

* Tax deductible in Australia. In the USA, please contact our US office to find out how to donate. Call toll free on 1 866 407 4530 or (+1) 330-953-1702 and speak to Marty or Jason.

How Matthias Media is appreciated around the world...

"Matthias Media has been used across the UK and around the world to encourage, train and equip tens of thousands of men and women in strong, faithful and effective biblical ministry. I thank God for its massive impact." William Taylor, London, UK

"I treasure Matthias Media's deep commitment to making sure every work they publish combines reasoned thoughtfulness and biblical orthodoxy. I've used their Bible study guides and books for years. Matthias Media is one of the few publishers in the world you can trust to deal with the topic in a gospel-centred way." Mack Stiles, Dubai, UAE

"Some things are good because they are reliable, sound, always true to the Bible. Some things are good because they are fresh they help you to see something in a new light. The familiar is reintroduced to us, with implications we never noticed before. Matthias Media has the unusual knack of being both faithful and fresh. Their resources are a great help to our church." Mark Dever, Washington, USA

"I discovered Matthias Media when I was young in ministry, and have used it consistently over 18 years. That means that I literally can't imagine what ministry would look like without it! I have thanked God for its quality, depth, creativity and faithfulness to the Bible." Grant Retief, Durban, South Africa

"Over the last 25 years I have found the material produced by Matthias Media to be theologically sound and engaged with the issues of the day. Whether in evangelistic works, theological output or books aimed at improving the practice of ministry, the aim is to serve the gospel of Jesus Christ and use the resources of Scripture to do so." Peter Jensen, Sydney, Australia


And here's a video message from Tim Zulker, a pastor and parachurch leader from Providence, Rhode Island, talking about how Matthias Media has been useful in ministry, and how the new platform makes access to those resources even easier.


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