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One of the really useful ways to share the gospel with a non-Christian friend, family member or work colleague is to invite them to open up a Bible with you and see what it has to say.

Matthias Media publishes and sells a number of resources for this purpose, and we thought it might be helpful to highlight and explain the differences between them so you can figure out which might be most appropriate for you to use...

Two Ways to Live: a Bible study You, Me and the Bible Investigating Christianity Tough Questions The God Who Saves The Word One to One**
Two Ways to Live Bible study
Price $1.00
You, Me and the Bible
Price $4.95
Investigating Christianity
Price $1.95
Tough Questions
Price $2.95
The God Who Saves
Price $4.95
The Word One to One: bundle of all 4 packs (John 1-21) (Set of 2)
Price $54.95
Sessions/studies: 1 Sessions/studies: 6 Sessions/studies: 4 Sessions/studies: 5 Sessions/studies: 5 Sessions/studies: 38
Works through the six main points of the Two Ways to Live gospel outline in about 1 hour. Basically presents Two Ways to Live but by looking up the Bible verses and seeing what they say. Works through the six main points of the Two Ways to Live gospel outline, but does it in more depth over six sessions. There are also nicely-produced videos online that you can watch at the end of each session to summarize what has been learned. These studies open up the Bible and show the reader the Bible's basic teaching about (i) God, (ii) man, (iii) Jesus Christ, and (iv) how to be right with God. Tough Questions looks at five episodes in the Gospel of Mark in which Jesus asked his hearers a challenging question, and in so doing bring people into contact with Jesus and his teaching and asks them the same tough gospel questions. These studies look at how God saves us, why God saves us and what we are saved from, but avoids the religious jargon that often causes confusion for people with a religious background (particularly Roman Catholics). A resource for reading through the whole of John's Gospel with someone. Naturally, not everyone is going to meet with you for 38 sessions of around 25-40 minutes each, but experience shows that quite a few who start want to continue. One of the distinctives of this resource is that the answers are printed on the same page as the questions. The rationale for this is that your friend is not embarrassed by having to answer questions and getting the answers wrong.
Communicates the gospel in a single session, which may be all the friend is willing to commit to.
Good for a wide range of situations, and shows the big picture of the whole Bible (as opposed to reading through one of the Gospels).
A slightly more philosophical feel to these studies makes them suited to people who have little or no Christian background.
All the studies are in Mark's Gospel, so the five studies can be a way of drawing out the implications whilst reading the whole of Mark's Gospel,
Ideal for reading with a Roman Catholic or anybody from a religious background where key words are used differently.
Sets a low bar for the non-Christian, who doesn't have to say anything unless they want to. All the answers are there for the Christian too.

** Price is for all 22 books (all 4 packs). You can just purchase Pack 1 (John 1-4) to get started.