The second step is also fairly obvious. Having prayed the sort of prayer on the previous page, you will want to start putting it into practice — that is, actually submitting to Jesus. There will no doubt be all kinds of areas in your life in need of change.

You’ll need to get rid of old rebellious habits (like greed, anger, selfishness, and so on) and start some new ones that please God (like generosity, kindness, love and patience).

This second step will go on for the rest of your life, but God will be with you all the way. He’ll keep speaking to you (through your reading of the Bible); he’ll keep listening to you and helping you (as you pray to him); he’ll empower you to change and to live his way (by his Spirit who lives within you); and he’ll provide brothers and sisters to encourage you along the way (as you meet with other Christians).

The second step, then, is to submit to Jesus and start living with him as your ruler.



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