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What better way to show you care about Dad than by showing you care about his faith?
Let us help you grow your father's faith with gift ideas such as these:

Bible Reading With Your Kids
Price $9.95
Bible Reading With Your Kids is a short, practical guide for Christian fathers on reading the Bible with their children—why it's essential and how to actually do it. 40 Rockets
Price $14.95
40 Rockets is sure to help Dad share the gospel at work, with encouragement and tips for turbocharging his evangelistic efforts.
Gospel Speech Online
Price $6.95
Gospel Speech Online shines a healthy spotlight on the advantages, pitfalls and peculiar nature of the online world and explores how it affects the way we relate to others, with the goal to help you speak the truth of the gospel in love—even online. Faith in a Time of Crisis
Price $16.95
Faith in a Time of Crisis unpacks the Bible's teaching on human sexuality, at the same time showing how the gospel shapes our understanding of true love, true unity and true faith.
One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ
Price $9.95
One Forever is about the phrase for our relationship with Christ that is everywhere in Paul’s letters and almost nowhere in our churches: "in Christ". Rory Shiner unpacks this important biblical idea. Hope: The best is yet to come
Price $14.95
Hope is not a wishy-washy concept in the Bible, it is a vibrant picture of the future God has in store for all Christians. Understanding this will shape your faith while you wait for the best that is yet to come.