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Our Mission

On our home page you'll find a series of short video clips that attempt to explain our publishing ministry. But here is a very brief written summary...

Labels are often dangerous things to use because they often mean different things in different places. So when we say that Matthias Media is “an evangelical publishing ministry”, you might not be exactly sure what we mean, since just about everyone wants to call themselves ‘evangelical’ these days.

In the part of the world where our ministry was born (Sydney, Australia), ‘evangelical’ is a way of saying that you walk in the footsteps of the Reformers and of the evangelical movements that followed them. For us, being evangelical means that we love the famous ‘solas’ of the Reformation: Christ Alone, Scripture Alone, Grace Alone and Faith Alone, all to the glory of God alone. It means that we are driven by the evangel (good news) of Jesus Christ: we centre our theology on it; we read the Bible through its lens; we are compelled by its irresistible logic, and love to see the name of Jesus preached and held high everywhere.

So we have a mission statement that sets the agenda for our publishing ministry:

We want to persuade all Christians of the truth of God’s purposes in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, and equip them with high-quality resources, so that by the work of the Holy Spirit they will:

» abandon their lives to the honour and service of Christ in daily holiness and decision-making

» pray constantly in Christ’s name for the fruitfulness and growth of his gospel

» speak the Bible’s life-changing word whenever and however they can—in the home, in the world and in the fellowship of his people.

We're not the slightest bit interested in adding to the already monumental pile of Christian books churned out each year by the Christian publishing industry. The world needs more Christian books like it needs more websites.

However, we are passionate about publishing resources that fuel, promote and support gospel growth. So our publishing criteria for any project is threefold:

» Does it meet a gospel ministry need?

» Is the content faithful to the Bible?

» Is the quality of a high standard?

The growth that the gospel produces in people's lives is also the organizing principle for Matthias Media's ministry resources. As the word is prayerfully proclaimed, people change. They move and grow. With some grey areas and overlap, the ‘gospel growth process’ usually follows the diagram below.

The Gospel Growth Process
We make contact with non-Christians, raise Christian issues with them, and seek opportunities to proclaim the gospel to them.
Once people respond to the gospel message and put their faith in Christ, initial follow-up is needed to establish them in the faith, and teach them the basics.
Then follows the lifelong process of growing in Christian knowledge and conviction, and in the godly character that flows from it.

This growth happens through feeding on the Scriptures.

Godliness is also about serving others: reaching out to them, following them up, and helping them grow. We gain the motivation and maturity to serve others, and we need training in how to do this.

This is a helpful way of thinking about pastoral ministry. Ministry is about shepherding people through these stages of growth—to evangelize them, care for them, feed them, protect them, and equip them so that they grow into mature, gospel-hearted servants of others.

Our ministry resources are designed to help you at each stage of this gospel growth process. Everything we produce is designed to support outreach, follow-up, growth and training. That's what we're about.


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