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Grumpy Day (cover)

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Grumpy Day

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Customer Reviews / Tips

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  1. A great read! Review / Tip by Liz P

    Book Review: Grumpy Day
    11 February, 2013

    It’s not often I get to review kids’ books on this blog (despite having five children) so it was a real treat!

    Grumpy Day by Stephanie Carmichael and Jessica Green, is a lovely book reminding us that God is in control. It tells the story of three children and their mother who are stuck inside on a rainy day. While Mum can help make two of her children happy, Luke just wants to kick his ball outside. In the end, Luke sits down with his Mum and chats about how God is in control of the weather and that, even if the rain is inconvenient for us, God knows best.

    I love that the book imparts these spiritual truths without being preachy or forced. I’m keen to get copies of the other books: The Birthday Party, Over the Fence and The Rag Doll. (Posted on 11/02/2013)

  2. A lesson for all ages Review / Tip by Darian Burns

    "Grumpy Day" is an impressive children’s book that subtlety and beautifully get’s its message through to young readers. While Mom or Dad are reading "Grumpy Day" to their children they may pick up a lesson or two as well. At the heart of the book is a message about how life is full of disappointments, some big and some not so big but all important to the ones facing them, and how God and His goodness are present even on the worst of days. God’s mercy is often in the middle of our pain.

    The author and artist do this by introducing us to Ben and his family on a terribly rainy day. Nothing is going right for anyone. It is raining outside so Ben’s older brother Luke cannot play ball. Ben’s blocks will not do what he wants and keep falling. Ben’s sister Emily is not having much luck with her toys either. Everyone gets disappointed, grumpy and then start questioning God. “Why does God make it rain anyway? He could stop it if He wanted to.” The children’s mother explains that God knows things we never will know and sees things we will never see; but that He always does what is best. We all could use a reminder of that from time to time. "Grumpy Day" does just that, and it does it well.

    "Grumpy Day" is beautifully illustrated, well paced, and well written. Would make a great resource for pastors who need a quick lesson, children's sermon, or resource for children when he is in a pinch. (Posted on 30/01/2013)

  3. Beautiful words and pictures. God-centred, faithful to Bible. But would have liked to hear Jesus mentioned. Review / Tip by Dave McDonald

    It was raining yesterday, so I took the time to read Grumpy Day by Stephanie Carmichael and Jessica Green. To be honest, I didn't make much time - just as long as it takes to read a children's book. I've never written a book review longer than the book, so if I don't want to set a precedent, I'd better keep this to less than 671 words!

    I got hold of Grumpy Day because my wife has them. Actually, so I do and so do my kids and so do most people I know! This is a book we'll put aside to read the grandkids one day when we need to help them deal with their blues. The words and pictures are beautiful. I reckon it'll connect well with younger children, but I should probably borrow some kids to test it out. It tells the story of things not working out for three siblings. Two of the problems can be solved simply by the creative mum. But the last is out of her hands - she can't stop the rain. What she does is broaden her boy's perspective on why God sends rain, helps him understand he's not at the centre of the universe, and helps him to speak to God about his problems and feelings. I think this makes it a pretty helpful parenting manual!
    On the parenting front, the inside cover helpfully suggests ways the book can be used. There are suggestions of Bible verses that reveal the foundations for the main theme of the book. You can read these to the children, preferably from a simple translation. The book can be used as a springboard to discuss things further with the children. It offers an opportunity to talk about praying, and to model simply speaking with God and letting him know their needs. You might even want to take things further by doing some drawing, taking photographs, or making up a rhyme or song about things related to the story.

    A book like this doesn't take long to read, and I suggest it's worth reading a children's book before you read it to your kids or give it away to others. Not all so called Christian children's books are helpful. Some leave the false impression that in order to be a Christian you need to be a good person. They don't have God at the centre, and they're not consistent with the gospel of Jesus. While this book doesn't actually mention Jesus, I believe it is faithful to the Bible.

    Here's where I have one suggestion. It would be helpful to mention Jesus, because I think it's important for children to hear, from their youngest days, that Jesus is the way we have a relationship with God. There are probably ways that Jesus' name could appear in this book without making significant changes.

    478 words - enough said! Great book! (Posted on 27/11/2012)

  4. I am very pleased to have learned of this quality work. I really appreciate that Matthias Media published such a work for children. As believers we recognize that there are plenty of times when things do not operate according to our desires. If we read Review / Tip by CTerry

    I learned of this children's book “Grumpy Day” through the Matthias Media blogger review program. I am very pleased to have learned of this quality work. I really appreciate that Matthias Media published such a work for children. As believers we recognize that there are plenty of times when things do not operate according to our desires. If we read and understand our Bibles accurately we realize that even the “bad” days are under the sovereign control of God. The book presents this reality in a few short pages. There are some unpleasant issues that we can address by adjusting our plans/approach. Yet, there are times when we must recognize that God has a purpose that is much larger than us, and will be unpleasant to us in the present. I think that the authors did a very nice job of setting forth these realities – the sovereignty of God, trust in God's character, patience, and praising God in the midst of waiting. My kids enjoyed the book, as did my wife and I.

    I received this book as a part of Matthias Media's blogger review program. (Posted on 8/05/2012)

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