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One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ

One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ

Product Review (submitted on 30 May 2013):

One Forever: The transforming power of being in Christ by Rory Shiner is a refreshingly clear primer on the biblical concept of Union with Christ that all Christians, young and old, can appreciate and read. How do you describe what it means to be a Christian? Perhaps you say you’ve ‘been saved’, or that you are a ‘follower of Christ’. While both of these are not incorrect, their usage in the Bible is scarce and rare, especially when compared to the primary description that Christians are given by the Apostles of being ‘in Christ’. It’s an unusual term isn’t it? It’s not foreign but it isn’t the first thing we might think of when we consider what it means to be a Christian. But if you took a cursory read through the New Testament you wouldn’t be able to miss it.

In Western Society the most prominent doctrine that underlies the majority of evangelical preaching is the doctrine of justification by faith alone (that is to say, that the way in which we sinful humans can hope to stand before a just and holy God is by Him declaring us righteous in His sight). This truth of being saved by placing our faith in Jesus Christ is rightly of crucial importance, being the article upon which the church stands or falls. However, the teaching of the New Testament shows that it is actually our union with Christ that facilitates our justification in the first place. In fact, as Rory very helpfully shows in his book, union with Christ is what underlies our justification, our growth in obedience and ability to overcome sin, the existence of the church and also the future hope of recreation and resurrection.

Starting from Creation and going through to the hope of Christ’s Second Coming, Rory never neglects faithful biblical theology in favour of explaining abstract doctrines. And it’s short! At 88 pages I was astounded at how much was covered in such a short span of time. This book is a great introduction to the Bible’s teaching on union with Christ and gives Christians enough of a skeleton of the scope of its role in God’s sovereign plan to give them all the hooks upon which further study and learning can readily occur. And it is written with clarity and easily understood illustrations that also shows the practical relevance of this amazing truth to our daily lives.


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