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One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ

One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ

Product Review (submitted on 6 September 2013):

If you’re a Christian – how do you describe yourself? As a Christian. Or maybe a believer, as being saved, of having turned to Christ, of being forgiven, washed clean, a follower of Jesus, as having made a decision for Christ, a saint? The terms we use can say a lot about ourselves and our relationship to Jesus. If you’re like me you’ve never used, nor heard someone use, the term united to Christ (this term refers to what theologians call union with Christ). This could be seen as surprising for the term and others like it (such as in Christ, in Jesus, or in him) occur far more often than just about any other in the New Testament’s description of those who know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. But it’s not all that surprising because even though its everywhere in the New Testament we tend to miss seeing it there and, if you’re anything like me, even when someone points it out to you you’re not sure what it all means. This was my experience at theological college, and when I was asked at my exiting interview what issue(s) required my continued investigation – I answered “union with Christ” – because I just didn’t know what to do with it. That was six years ago, and earlier this year (in an effort to keep my word) I started a new and weighty book that just came out on the subject. Months later I have still not finished. I have given up. Lost in wilderness of union with Christ.
One Forever – is not that book!
One Forever is the book I wish that had been written before I even got to college – which I could have read and understood quickly and easily (but hey, better late than never). Rory Shiner’s pithy work One Forever artfully engages the reader by showing the meaning and significance of this overlooked idea of union with Christ. Being united to Christ is the status of every Christian, whether we know it or not, but Shiner shows how knowing what union with Christ is all on about – helps us to rightly understand Jesus, ourselves, our relationship to him, how we are to now live, and our future hope. The many illustrations in the book help us to both engage with and understand the material and have all the hallmarks of a gifted preacher (in the footnotes to the introduction Shiner acknowledges that this work first begun its life as a series of talks for a student ministry convention in Australia). And all of this in only 88 pages!
This short book will prove rewarding to any who read it – and indeed anyone and everyone should read it.
One Forever has even inspired me to get back into that big book on union with Christ – and that is saying something!


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