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One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ

One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ

Product Review (submitted on 7 October 2013):

In One Forever, Rory Shiner seeks to help the reader understand what union with Christ actually means. Christians often talk of being 'In Christ' but often this is not an area of the Christian life that gets a lot of focus. It is much easier to focus on the imperatives in Scripture and to gloss over the truths about who we really are. The truth is that the Christian life is much more about who we are than what we do. The answer is that we are God's children because we are IN CHRIST. This book is a part of the Guidebooks for Life series and at 88 pages is readable for all Christians.

One core area that Shiner explores is our justification. We are declared righteous and God's wrath is no longer on us because, "to stand in Christ is to stand in a place where the wrath of God will never be felt, because it has already been there." This is a glorious truth that Shiner helps the reader to see. All of God's wrath for me was taken by Christ!
Shiner continues to help the reader see the importance being in Christ is. "Adam's achievement was, in a sense, an accident; Christ's achievement is deliberate. Adam grasped at life, and gave us all death; Christ did not grasp at life, but became obedient to death and gave us all life. Adam acted in disobedience; Christ acted in complete, perfect obedience." We gain life by being in Christ.

Shiner shows that the heart of the matter of being in Christ is not how much faith you have, but where your faith is. "One of the crucial truths that union with Christ captures is that all of me is connected to all of Christ." In drawing from John Owen's The Mortification of Sin, Shiner shows the reader how without knowing the love of God and the privileges that we have in Christ we cannot keep from falling into temptation and sin. The greatest combatant against daily sin is to dwell on the truths of the privileges that I have from being in Christ

In his chapter on unity in the body of Christ, Shiner helps the reader to see that the fellowship and oneness that we feel with Christ's body shows how much we understand what being in Christ truly is. It is not possible to separate being in Christ with being a part of his body. This is a truth that so many Christians in our day fail to grasp. This book is a tremendous blessing and help to all Christians, no matter how well read they are or how 'deep' their theology goes. This book is for everyone! I highly recommend it.

I received a free copy from Matthias Media in exchange for an honest review.


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