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One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian

One-to-One Bible Reading: a simple guide for every Christian

Product Review (submitted on 22 October 2013):

Real Christianity is not about DO – what you must do for God – but rather what God has DONE for you in the person and work of Jesus Christ. As such, the Christian life is a life of joyous response to the good works God has done on our behalf – as we seek to live our who we really and truly are in Christ Jesus. The Christian life is all about knowing Jesus better and loving him more (and knowing Jesus more and loving him better). This happens by us listening to his voice – not some inner sense or impression which is in fact our emotions or will – but by turning to his sure and certain word the Bible (that’s why we call it the word of God!).

The book One-to-one Bible Reading sets out to encourage and equip Christians – all Christians – to meet together one-to-one to read the bible. In my opinion it achieves this aim brilliantly! Simple, clear, short – this book succinctly covers the what, the why and the how of one-to-one bible reading – whoever reads this book will be left with both the motivation and the tools (simple though they may be!) to invite someone to read the bible with them. I especially liked the way Helm balances a gentle and affirming tone throughout the book with a steely determination not to let us offer up plausible, but weak, excuses. At one point Helm acknowledges “in fact, the greatest hindrance to read the bible one-to-one will be an unbiblical view that you are not ready for this. You will tell yourself that you haven’t been properly trained or simply don’t know enough of the bible […] but it simply isn’t true” (24). You’ll have to pick up the book for yourself to find out how Helm backs up this very significant claim.

Simply put, Helm’s book should be read and then acted on by every Christian. What a difference it would make to us, our Christian relationships, our universities and our churches – if God’s people were engaged in the most fundamental of all Christian activities – reading the word of God and sharing that experience with another Christian (or someone who is not yet a Christian but is keen to find out more).


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