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One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ

One Forever: the transforming power of being in Christ

Product Review (submitted on 8 November 2013):

Would you say you are "saved"? Or perhaps you have made the "decision" to accept Jesus? Or perhaps you are following Christ? Or perhaps you're a believer? Maybe simply a Christian? The language we use for describing our Christian faith tends to differ between the various church's we belong to...

Yet Rory Shiner, in his guidebook "One Forever: The Transforming Power of Being in Christ" says

"There is a phrase for our relationship with Christ that is everywhere in Paul's letters and almost nowhere in our churches"

He says "When the Bible wants to describe being a Christian, it says that we are in Christ"

Shiner moves us through this concept of being united in Christ, from creation to the new creation. He takes us on a journey to understand why it is imperative for us to be re-united.

Shiner takes us back to the very beginning in Chapter 1, Creation. We were made for relationship to our creator, union with Him. He says beautifully, through our union with Christ

"We discover that Christ is not us, nor is he a 'second us', but rather he is the completion of us. When we meet Christ by faith, it is not just a union. It is a reunion"

Shiner introduces us to Jesus, God incarnate, who in so many ways was like us 'he ate and drank. He slept and talked. He had friendships and experienced grief and sorrow'. He was even tempted to sin, yet he didn't, not once. God himself enters into humanity and as Shiner says 'he enters into all that we are and is united to all that we are, so that all that we are can be healed. And redeemed'

Shiner reinforces here, that God's presence in the flesh should tell us 'that we are on the wrong track and we need redemption'. Obviously his good creation has gone horribly wrong for him to need to step down into it. To be re-united with it.

Shiners uses fantastic imagery throughout this easy to read guidebook (goes perfect with a Gloria Jeans coffee!), including the analogy of our relationship "in Christ" likened to that of being at an airport waiting to board a plane. The question is, how do you have a relationship with that plane so that you end up where that plane is heading? Will you get there if you watch the plane and are inspired to one day travel? Will you get there if you try and follow it by running really fast, probably not? No, the best way to get to the same destination that plane is heading, is "in it.."

Though this guidebook is intended to help 'ordinary' Christians, it is still tricky in parts, but would be a great resource for small groups to work through and think about together, particularly as a tool to help new Christians understand the Biblical language for their new found faith....


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