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Cash Values (Money)

Cash Values (Money)

Product Review (submitted on 23 March 2016):

Some encouragement for you.

I've just finished leading a bunch of blokes through ‘Cash Values’. I asked them for some feedback about how these studies had changed their thinking and behaviour with regards to money. Here’s a summary of what they said:

* I was reminded afresh that any money in my possession is actually God’s money. God expects me to steward it wisely.

* I’ve always budgeted but I use to see what money was left over at the end of the month to be ‘generous’ to God. Sometimes there was nothing much to spare. The truth is I know what our basic outgoings are going to be each month so now I make sure that we are giving to Gospel work up front. If that means we have a few lean days at the end of the month, then so be it. God can provide. It will drive us to keep reevaluating how we are using the money.

* I am big on providing for my family. But I realise that I am called to be responsible in providing for them, rather than indulging them.

* I’ve written ‘God’ on my credit card. I can’t hand over my card without evaluating my purchase now.

* My wife is much tighter with giving than I am. Maybe that’s a faith thing. But I’ve realised I need to lead in trusting God with giving. That means risking upsetting her. It’s a work in progress. I need prayer. But that’s what I am trying to do.

And several guys said things to the effect of

* The biggest change to 6 weeks ago is that I have ‘up’d’ my giving. The truth is I wouldn’t have done so if God hadn’t convicted me as a result of the passages we looked at in the studies.

These are ordinary blokes. It was great to see over the 6 weeks how God used Cash Values to shift their thinking and behaviour around money. Praise God.

So, be encouraged and thanks for writing/publishing them.


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