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From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity

Product Review (submitted on 16 May 2018):

I heard Ray Galea give these talks from Romans 8 when they were part of KYC. They were life changing talks for me, and God has really used those talks in the lives of many people I have met over the years. The talks still resonate today, just as Romans 8 remains as relevant as it always was and will be. Ray’s clear and engaging speaking skills come through in this book, and I’d recommend it for anyone looking to understand more about God’s word for us in Romans 8. I’d also recommend giving a copy to anyone who’s searching or at the early stages of their investigation into Christianity, as it will give them a good solid foundation to start grappling with God’s grace to us in Jesus and what it means for them. So buy a copy for yourself and two copies to give away. It’s well worth it. Eternally worth it even.


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